The Bitter End
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lydia* it's in your blood

Well they're just thoughts so go ahead and speak.
Pick out what you like and call me when you're on the way.
You can spend the night and hope to sleep all day.
For me its just another week, twenty eight was once how I dreamed.
And with your scent on my face I can leave and have you for days.

I still can't see you. The summer came and we got lost, all of us.


It was four or five of everything, as you are no good.
I saw it through the frame and through my face.
Covering my eyes, because we are nothing, and never quite the same from a black and white summer.

With photographs that showed our rails and razorblades.
I think it cured my pain, again.

Damnit you clever girl, your style is keeping us from sleep.
One more and I'm free, oh we've been so lucky, yeah we've been so likely to lose. So give in, let's give in.

It's all suicide if I hide.
Because you are everywhere I look and in my skin.
I taste your neck and lips just from breathing in.


So what, so what, we all were all afraid.
So this I swear I know, it's not the chemicals.
You are off my mind, I finally got away.
You said it's such a life to remember, so come on, and we'll sleep away December.
It was you, bringing your white company.
Bringing the night so it seemed.
And we will never sleep again.

So as you walk through the door, and yell I'm never coming back here.
It's over we are still nothing.

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6.1.07 14:34

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